Welcome to autchat!

autchat is a Twitter hashtag and weekly scheduled chat for autistic and similarly neurodivergent people. You can view a list of all our past topics here.

Join us Sundays for conversations on topics that matter to the autchat community. 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT. You can also use a time zone converter to look up when autchat is in your time zone.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our official twitter account has migrated to @autchatmod (no "s") on the end due to twitter's algorithms classifying our original @autchatmods account as spammer and preventing its tweets from showing on the tag during chat.

Upcoming Topics

Sunday, Mar 21: Finances. 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT.

Sunday, Mar 30: Research (questions coming later). 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT.

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