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#autchat is open to autistic and similar people. “Similar” = overlap with executive function, social issues, etc #autchat

This can include conditions like ADHD, hydrocephalus, OCD, and others. Sometimes called “autistic cousins” #autchat

I want to extend some extra encouragement today to viewers who are ADHD-but-not-autistic. Join us! #autchat

ADHD and autism share features and often co-occur in individuals or run in the same families. #autchat

30-80% of autistic people have ADHD, and 20-50% of people with ADHD meet criteria for autism: #autchat


Q1: Have you been diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or misdiagnosed with ADHD or autism? Do you suspect you have either/both? #autchat

Q2: What were your diagnosis or self-recognition experiences like? If you have both ADHD and autism, did they differ? #autchat

Q3 (1/3): What similarities or differences do you see between yourself and people with a different combination? #autchat
Q3 (2/3): For example, if you have only autism or only ADHD, what similarities/diffs do you see to those with both? (& vice versa) #autchat
Q3 (3/3): For example, sometimes there are similarities in memory issues, hyperfocus, inertia. #autchat

Q4 (1/2): If you’ve tried stimulants or other treatments, what do they help with? What don’t they help with? #autchat
Q4 (2/2): Especially if you’re autistic & *don’t* have ADHD, but have been on stimulants (due to misdiagnosis or something else). #autchat

Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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