Food sensitivities: Taste and texture

View a past chat on this topic here. Q1: Do you have any taste (or oral texture) sensitivities? What foods are pleasant vs aversive for you? #autchat Q2: Have your taste/oral texture sensitivities changed over time, or do they change depending on other variables? #autchat Q3: How do you cope with your taste/oral texture sensitivities? […]

How we learned we were autistic / similarly neurodivergent

View a transcript of this chat here. You can answer about all/any neurodivergences you have, if you have more than one (e.g., both autism and ADHD). #autchat Q1: When did you learn you were autistic or otherwise neurodivergent? Did you suspect it beforehand or was it a surprise? #autchat Q2: How did you learn (or […]