Current topic requests list (as of Sep 2017)

Autchat solicits topic requests from our participants at the end of most chats. Here are the topics currently on request, broken down by categories. If you want to request another topic, or volunteer to write questions for a topic, DM or tweet @autchatmod on twitter or email Topics the regular moderator can write, meaning […]

Autistic representation in fiction

View a transcript of this chat here. Questions are written about autistic representation in fiction but feel free to answer about similar neurodivergences. #autchat Q1: What are your favorite examples of autistic characters in books, movies, TV shows, and other media? #autchat Q2: What do you think are the worst examples of autistic characters in […]

Executive function: Planning, starting, and stopping tasks

View a transcript of this chat here. Executive function includes many aspects of self-regulation and task management: #autchat Today we’ll talk about planning, starting, and stopping tasks. #autchat Q1: What kinds of tasks do you need plans to help you carry out? #autchat Q2: Have you used any systems or apps to help you […]

Boundaries, safety, and boundary violations

View a transcript of this chat here. You can also see questions and a transcript for our other chat on boundaries here. Today’s #autchat deals with some difficult topics. Remember that if you need to, you can step away and do some self-care. Q1 How do you cope when you set a boundary, and someone […]