Connective tissue disorders

View a transcript of this chat here. This #autchat is about connective tissue disorders (CTDs), such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and others. Q1 Do you suspect, or know, you have a connective tissue disorder (CTD)? If diagnosed, what form have you been diagnosed with? #autchat Q2 What are the top 3 health issues you’ve […]

Representation of neurodivergent symptoms/traits/co-conditions in autistic communities

This #autchat is about neurodivergent symptoms, traits, and experiences you see discussed more vs less in autistic communities. View a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. Questions: Q1: What neurodivergent symptoms, traits, or experiences do you have that you see talked about a lot in autistic communities? #autchat Q2: What neurodivergent symptoms, […]

Dental and orthodontic care

View a transcript of this chat here. Q1 Have you had dental and orthodontic care? What kinds of care/procedures/etc? #autchat Q2 What difficulties have you run into with dental and orthodontic care (e.g., financial, sensory, interpersonal, other)? #autchat Q3 What strategies or coping skills have you used to help? #autchat Q4 Have you had providers […]