How we learned we were autistic / similarly neurodivergent (upcoming Sun Oct 15, 2017)

Time: 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT Questions tweeted by: @autchatmod Today’s #autchat is about how we learned we were autistic and/or similarly neurodivergent. You can answer about all/any neurodivergences you have, if you have more than one (e.g., both autism and ADHD). #autchat Q1: When did you learn you were autistic or […]

Women/people perceived as women (upcoming Sun Oct 22, 2017)

Time: 8pm UTC / 8pm GMT / 4pm EDT Note temporary time change for UK this week only, due to UK and US daylight savings time changes being on different dates Questions tweeted by: @autchatmod View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: May 12, 2015 and Jun 28, 2015. Questions: Today’s topic is […]

Autistic representation in fiction

View a transcript of this chat here. Questions are written about autistic representation in fiction but feel free to answer about similar neurodivergences. #autchat Q1: What are your favorite examples of autistic characters in books, movies, TV shows, and other media? #autchat Q2: What do you think are the worst examples of autistic characters in […]

Executive function: Planning, starting, and stopping tasks

View a transcript of this chat here. Executive function includes many aspects of self-regulation and task management: #autchat Today we’ll talk about planning, starting, and stopping tasks. #autchat Q1: What kinds of tasks do you need plans to help you carry out? #autchat Q2: Have you used any systems or apps to help you […]

Boundaries, safety, and boundary violations

View a transcript of this chat here. You can also see questions and a transcript for our other chat on boundaries here. Today’s #autchat deals with some difficult topics. Remember that if you need to, you can step away and do some self-care. Q1 How do you cope when you set a boundary, and someone […]

Aging and lifespan changes

View transcripts of our previous chats on this topic: Jun 28, 2016, May 26, 2015, July 18, 2015, and Sep 3, 2017. Questions: Q1: How did your symptoms/skills change throughout childhood (say up through 18)? (Social, sensory, motor, other) #autchat (Or the present, if you’re under 18) #autchat You might think about this over different […]