View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: Apr 28, 2015 and Jun 7, 2015. This #autchat is trans/nonbinary/gender-nonconforming-focused, but we will also have some discussion related to gender in general. If you feel you have something to share, you’re welcome to! Please don’t invalidate others’ experiences with gender, though. #autchat This trans/nb #autchat […]

Quality services (including special ed and community-based)

View a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. In this #autchat we’re talking about what quality services are. This includes but isn’t limited to special ed & community based services. When #autchat says staff, this could be teachers, aides, direct support staff, theraputic staff supports- those providing you services That is not […]


View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: Apr 22, 2015 and Apr 16, 2017. Intersectionality is the concept that people can have multiple marginalized identities which interact 1/3 #autchat People can have different experiences being Autistic if they also belong to other minorities 2/3 #autchat This includes gender, racial, ethnic minorities, etc. For […]

The very first autchat

In our very first autchat, held on Feb 10, 2015, we asked people what topics they would like to talk about in future chats. You can view a transcript of this chat here. Questions: Q1: Let’s start #autchat by introducing ourselves! Could include autism/activism interests, other special interests, intersectionality, other things you’d like to share […]