View a transcript of this chat here. Q1: Does your neurodivergence affect how you earn/acquire money? In what ways? #autchat Q2: Do you spend any money on neurodiversity-related expenses (occupational therapy, sensory aids, etc)? #autchat Q3: Does your neurodivergence (for example executive dysfunction, legal guardianship, etc) affect how you manage money? #autchat Q4: If needed, […]

Experience of empathy

You can view a transcript of this chat here. Some autistic/similar people say they have higher empathy then neurotypical people, some lower, some say no difference. #autchat Today we’ll talk about all types of empathy experiences. #autchat Q1: What is the experience of empathy like for you? Feelings, thoughts, sensations? #autchat Q2: Are there situations […]

Awareness and acceptance

View a transcript of this chat here. In April, many autistic communities focus on acceptance, in response to problems with autism awareness campaigns. #autchat Q1: What does autism awareness mean to you? What kinds of awareness do you find helpful vs not helpful? #autchat Q2: How can autistic people/autistic cousins increase helpful awareness? How can […]