Communicating with healthcare professionals

View a transcript of a chat on this topic here. Healthcare professionals here includes doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, etc—anyone you see for healthcare. #autchat Q1: What preparation do you do before an appointment, to help communication go more smoothly? #autchat Q2: During appointments, what communication challenges have you run into? How have you tried handling […]


View a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. Questions: Today’s #autchat is about stimming: Repeatedly doing things like rocking, hand-flapping, fidgeting. Not only autistic/similarly neurodivergent people stim, and not all autistic/similarly ND people stim, but it’s common. #autchat More about stimming (research by an autistic self-advocate): #autchat Q1 (1/2): Do you […]

Support and accommodations for higher education

View a transcript of this chat here. This #autchat is about accommodations and support for higher education. Former higher ed students, please feel free to share your experiences too. #autchat Questions: Q1: What supports or accommodations have you used, if any? Have they been helpful? #autchat Q2: What supports or accommodations would help but are […]

Master list of #autchat topics

#autchat is a Twitter hashtag and weekly scheduled chat for autistic and similarly neurodivergent people. Here are all our past chat topics. Most pages include links to Storifys (transcripts). You can learn more about #autchat here. Self-acceptance: Self-acceptance Internalized ableism and shame Daily life: Finances Clothing Cooking Eating difficulties Employment Higher education Support and accommodations […]


View a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. #autchat is open to autistic and similar people. “Similar” = overlap with executive function, social issues, etc #autchat This can include conditions like ADHD, hydrocephalus, OCD, and others. Sometimes called “autistic cousins” #autchat I want to extend some extra encouragement today to viewers who […]