View a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. #autchat is open to autistic and similar people. “Similar” = overlap with executive function, social issues, etc #autchat This can include conditions like ADHD, hydrocephalus, OCD, and others. Sometimes called “autistic cousins” #autchat I want to extend some extra encouragement today to viewers who […]

Accessible political activism

You can view a transcript of a past chat on this topic here. Political activism can be challenging for various reasons, especially if you’re autistic or similarly neurodivergent. #autchat For example, many politicians in the U.S. value phone calls and visits, which are hard for many autistic people, more than letters/emails. #autchat Questions: Q1: There […]

Invalidation and doubting diagnosis

View a transcript of this chat here. Many autistic and similarly neurodivergent people have had others doubt they are really autistic/ND. #autchat This can happen regardless of whether someone has been formally diagnosed, or is self-diagnosed, or questioning. #autchat Sometimes we doubt ourselves, too. #autchat Questions: Q1 When have others doubted that you are autistic or […]

Coping strategies

View a transcript of a previous chat on this topic here. Questions: We use coping strategies for lots of things: Sensory overwhelm or understimulation, executive dysfunction, social situations, etc. For example, things like “sensory diets”, routines, social scripts. #autchat Q1: What coping strategies have you used for sensory overstimulation or understimulation? What works? What doesn’t? […]

Family relationships

View transcripts of previous chats on this topic here: Jul 7, 2015 and Dec 11, 2016. Questions: Q1 (1): Say a little about your family (whatever you’re comfortable with). Parents, siblings, partner(s), kids, others? #autchat Q1 (2): You might mention (for example) if any are autistic or similarly neurodivergent (or neurotypical) #autchat Q2: How have your autistic […]