Current topic requests list (as of Sep 2017)

Autchat solicits topic requests from our participants at the end of most chats. Here are the topics currently on request, broken down by categories. If you want to request another topic, or volunteer to write questions for a topic, DM or tweet @autchatmod on twitter or email

Topics the regular moderator can write, meaning they’re very likely to happen at some point (and some are scheduled or tentatively scheduled):

  • Managing cooking and meal prep (planned for late Dec)
  • Media and entertainment (stuff we like in general, not necessarily autism-specific; tentatively planned for Dec 31)
  • Guilt over unemployment/underemployment (tentatively planned for Jan)
  • Digestive issues (tentatively planned for Feb)
  • Lack of recognition for underrepresented groups (people of color, women and girls)
  • Relationship to family of origin
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Alienating people: What do we learn, what’s on us, what’s on them
  • Presumption of competence
  • Heat intolerance (will probably do in early summer 2018 to be topical)


Topics we’ll have only if someone with relevant experience writes or helps write questions, since the regular mod doesn’t have relevant/recent experience:

  • Autistic cousins (people who share significant experiences with autistic people—hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, etc)
  • Synesthesia
  • Sensory integration
  • Echolalia (internal/mental or external/verbal)
  • Addiction (upcoming on Sun, Oct 29)
  • Flirting
  • Epilepsy/seizures
  • Coexisting sight or hearing issues
  • Co-occurring marginalized conditions (personality disorders, plurality, psychosis; has also been suggested to have a separate chat on plurality)
  • Coping in careers that aren’t stereotypically “autism friendly”
  • Taste sensitivities (including how to get others to treat them as real)
  • How power of attorney is used as a control device


Requested topics that we’ve had past chats on and I’ll run again:

  • Communicating with healthcare professionals (last run in March of this year – will do again early next year)
  • Prosopagnosia (face recognition)
  • Gender identity


There are also some topics that have been requested, but are on hold for various reasons:

  • Abuse and neglect, including effects on relationships in adulthood (possibly separate topics for parental, childhood peers, workplace, social situations as an adult). These are difficult and often triggering topics, and I’m struggling with how to do this effectively. I also want to get something useful we can take away from chats and I don’t know how to approach that; it’s a huge issue in our communities, and effective treatments are usually inaccessible or don’t exist.
  • Functioning labels: Not sure what questions to ask…might do a “Met and unmet support needs” chat
  • What does it seem like the general public thinks autism is?: Not sure what questions to ask
  • Using (loving, working, advocating for) services at multiple levels/settings: Not sure what kinds of questions to ask
  • Language used to describe disabilities including autism: Not sure what to ask about other than “autistic” vs “person with autism” etc and whether preferences for other disabilities differ—that would only be 2 questions
  • How we can bring autistic and non-autistic people together: Need to better define to write questions – is this about social events? Advocacy? Something else?
  • Why are our lives shorter than average: I’m not sure we can effectively draw answers to this from individual peoples’ experiences, this might be more of a research question)
  • Life hacks / tools for success: Very broad topic, will incorporate as specific questions on other topics (e.g., “what helps you with planning grocery shopping?”)
  • Life/communication skills: Very broad topic, will incorporate as specific questions on other topics
  • What about being autistic/neurodivergent helps you: Very broad topic, will incorporate as specific questions on other topics







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