Effective strategies for educating people about autism and similar neurodivergences

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This #autchat is on effective strategies for educating people about autism and similar neurodivergences.

Examples of different strategies: Sharing personal stories; talking about research; pointing people to webpages. #autchat

We can’t always change people’s misunderstandings. Sometimes we can, though. And some approaches work better than others. #autchat


Q1 (1/2): We’ve all learned things from other people about autism and other neurodivergent conditions. #autchat

Q1 (2/2) What strategies have other people used to dispel misconceptions you used to have? What helped, what didn’t? #autchat

Q2: If you’ve educated other people about autism or similar conditions, what strategies have you found work best? #autchat

Q3: What strategies haven’t worked well? #autchat

Q4: What advice do you have for autistic or similar people who want to better educate others about their condition(s)? #autchat

Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds.


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