Family relationships

View transcripts of previous chats on this topic here: Jul 7, 2015 and Dec 11, 2016.


Q1 (1): Say a little about your family (whatever you’re comfortable with). Parents, siblings, partner(s), kids, others? #autchat

Q1 (2): You might mention (for example) if any are autistic or similarly neurodivergent (or neurotypical) #autchat

Q2: How have your autistic traits and your family’s responses to them affected you? #autchat

Q3 (1): Did dx or self-id change affect your family relationships (if you were old enough to remember)? #autchat

Q3 (2): Regardless of whether your family members know or not (for ex, it could change how you think about the relationship) #autchat

Q4: What are ways families can be more supportive of autistic people? #autchat

Questions for this #autchat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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