View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: Apr 22, 2015 and Apr 16, 2017.

Intersectionality is the concept that people can have multiple marginalized identities which interact 1/3 #autchat

People can have different experiences being Autistic if they also belong to other minorities 2/3 #autchat

This includes gender, racial, ethnic minorities, etc. For example, being Autistic and trans, Autistic and Black… 3/3 #autchat


Q1: How does intersectionality impact your life? Which intersections are especially important to you? #autchat

Q2: What experiences did you have in Autistic spaces that had to do with other marginalizations? Racism? Homophobia? Something else? #autchat

Q3: What actions are most helpful to you in making spaces (Autistic and non-Autistic) more inclusive? What are really bad ideas? #autchat

Q4: What do you think you have in common with members of other marginalized groups? What are the differences? #autchat

Q5: Which are important issues *for you personally* that have to do with autism and intersectionality? #autchat

Questions for this chat were written by @bogiperson.

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