Invalidation and doubting diagnosis

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Many autistic and similarly neurodivergent people have had others doubt they are really autistic/ND. #autchat

This can happen regardless of whether someone has been formally diagnosed, or is self-diagnosed, or questioning. #autchat

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, too. #autchat


Q1 When have others doubted that you are autistic or similarly neurodivergent, if they have? In what kinds of situations? #autchat

Q2 (1/2) When others have expressed doubt, how have you responded? What responses have been helpful / not helpful? #autchat

Q2 (2/2) Does it differ if they’re a friend vs a family member, doctor, coworker, or somethign else? #autchat

Q3 Have you doubted whether you are autistic or similarly neurodivergent? In what kinds of situations? #autchat

Q4 What do you find helpful personally if you are beset with doubts you know are unreasonable? #autchat

Questions for this #autchat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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