Mood dysregulation

Read a transcript of a past chat on this topic here.

Today’s #autchat is on mood dysregulation: Intense emotional responses to situations, and difficulty managing those responses.
Autistic and similarly neurodivergent people can have difficulty with mood regulation. This can also be due to co-occurring mood or personality disorders. You can answer about those too. #autchat
Q1: Do you ever have difficulty with mood dysregulation—intense emotional responses and/or difficulty managing them?
If so, in what kinds of situations? #autchat
Q2: Do other people ever think your emotional reaction is too intense when you think it’s an appropriate response? #autchat
Q3: Do you ever have difficulty telling whether a strong emotional response is reasonable (or helpful) for the current situation?  If so, how do you try to figure it out? #autchat
Q4: What helps you regulate strong negative emotional reactions (prevent them, calm down after having them, etc)? Do you ever need to regulate positive emotional responses? #autchat
Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds with suggestions from @endeverstar.

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