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We want to be inclusive of all types of romantic relationship plus non – We encourage you to interpret these questions broadly #autchat

e.g. if aromantic, you might talk about how you negotiate platonic close relationships, or others’ expectations for romantic ones #autchat


Q1: How do you approach romantic relationships? Have you found an approach that works for you? #autchat

Q2 (1/2): Do you feel you got enough information about healthy relationships growing up? #autchat

Q2 (2/2): What (if anything) was missing? What do you wish you had known? #autchat

Q3: What problems have happened in your relationships because of autism / ableism? #autchat

Q4: What good things have happened in your relationships because of autism / non-ableism? #autchat

Q5: What would an ideal relationship look like for you (romantic, platonic)? #autchat

Questions for this chat were written by @xasymptote.

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