Sexuality and asexuality

View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: Jul 28, 2015, Aug 9, 2015, and Mar 5, 2017.


Q1: What do the ideas of sexuality and/or love mean to you? (Or asexuality, if asexual?) #autchat

Q2: To what extent is your sexuality-or-not connected to your neurodivergence(s)? #autchat

Q3: What is your experience with other people’s reactions to the idea of you having (or not having) sexuality? #autchat

Q4: Have you found any useful resources on neurodivergent sexual relationships, and how have they helped? #autchat

Q5: What do you think it’s important for other autistic people to know about dating/sexuality? #autchat

Various twitter users helped develop these questions and make them ace-inclusive.


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