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Today’s #autchat is about stimming: Repeatedly doing things like rocking, hand-flapping, fidgeting.

Not only autistic/similarly neurodivergent people stim, and not all autistic/similarly ND people stim, but it’s common. #autchat

More about stimming (research by an autistic self-advocate): #autchat

Q1 (1/2): Do you stim? If so, what are some stims that you do? #autchat

Q1 (2/2): If you use toys or objects to stim, feel free to recommend/link. #autchat

Q2: When and why do you stim? On purpose or does it just happen? #autchat

Q3: Are there any stims that you would like to stop or are trying to stop? Strategies for that? #autchat

Q4: If other people have negative reactions, how do you deal with that? #autchat

Questions for this #autchat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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