View past chats on this topic: April 22, 2015, April 16, 2017, and May 17, 2020, and January 8, 2023. Intersectionality is the concept that people can have multiple marginalized identities which interact 1/3 #AutChat People can have different experiences being Autistic if they also belong to other minorities 2/3 #AutChat This includes gender, […]

Women/people perceived as women

View transcripts of past chats on this topic here: May 12, 2015, June 28, 2015, October 22, 2017, August 9, 2020, and December 25, 2022. Questions: Today‚Äôs topic is women (including trans women) and people perceived as women (some nonbinary people, some not-out trans men, etc) #AutChat Q1: Do you think being a woman or […]

Apr 9, 2017: Acceptance and awareness (transcript)

@autchatmod (#autchat mod): Welcome to #autchat, a weekly chat for autistic & similar people Sundays 8pm UTC / 9pm BST / 4pm EDT! @autchatmod (#autchat mod): #autchat is a tag for autistic people & “autistic cousins” (people with similar experiences due to hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, ADHD, etc) @autchatmod (#autchat mod): #autchat hosts chats on […]