About Us

What We Do

#AutChat is a Blusky hashtag by and for autistic and similarly neurodivergent people. It is used both for unscheduled conversations and weekly scheduled chats, which are Sundays 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern. You can also use a time zone converter to look up what time AutChat is in your time zone.

When we existed as a Twitter chat, we archived AutChats to ensure that our collective knowledge is retained. You can access these through our master list of #AutChat topics; most individual topic pages link to one or more archived chats.

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Who We Are

AutChat was begun in February 2015 by a group of autistic people on Twitter. We saw the need for a dedicated space for autistic voices and the #AutChat hashtag was born.

AutChat is currently run by @endeverstar and @autisticb4mmr. We post questions and announcements from @autchatmod.


  • @theoriesofminds, @AskCisco, @Ask_anAspergirl, @erabrand, and others for starting #AutChat and running sessions
  • Our many guest moderators for helping write questions
  • @lhabc for feedback on informational materials
  • @project1enigma for helping redraft documentation
  • @EbThen for designing and maintaining the website
  • All our wonderful participants

Our Mission

We created AutChat to build a Twitter-based community among autistic and similarly neurodivergent people.

We seek to highlight and amplify the voices of autistic and similarly neurodivergent people.

We maintain an ongoing and developing record of collective community knowledge.

Our Mission

One of our past moderators, @AskCisco, wrote up a history of our origins which you can read here.