Master list of #AutChat topics


#AutChat is a Twitter hashtag and weekly scheduled chat for autistic and similarly neurodivergent people. Here are all our past chat topics. Most pages include links to archived chats.

You can learn more about #AutChat here.


Daily life:

Employment, education, supports, and accommodations:

Fun stuff:

Coping and not coping:


Activism and advocacy:

Diagnosis (including self-diagnosis):


Health and healthcare (mental and physical):

Identities and culture:

Relationships and social skills:

Chats about #autchat:


Some topics don’t have pages: Autism and different cultures (transcript here, autistic characters in fiction (a two-parter), executive function (a two-parter), research (transcripts here and here), and retroactive diagnosis of historical figures. We also had one open (no specified topic) chat.

If the topics on this page interested you, you might also like the #AutismMeans hashtag series, held from Apr 2015 to May 2016. Many people who participated in #autchat also participated in #AutismMeans.

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