Coping in non-autism-friendly employment

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This chat is about coping in employment that isn’t autism-friendly. If you are not currently employed, but have been in the past, feel free to answer about that. #AutChat

Q1: Do you put on a persona in your working life versus your day-to-day life – for example, acting more neurotypical, or dressing differently, or trying to pass yourself off as quirky?

How well does this work? #AutChat

Q2: How open/social are you with work colleagues – do you tell them much about yourself? Do you try to connect with them?

How do you socialize with them, if you need to? #AutChat

Q3: Have you struggled/do you struggle with burnout at work? What has or has not helped you cope? #AutChat

Q4: What other neurodivergence-related issues come up for you at work? Sensory, executive function, etc.

What is helpful for coping with those issues? #AutChat

Thanks to @Sel__ByDate for helping write questions!

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