Autistic and neurodivergent pride

Read a past chat on this topic: Mar 15, 2020. Q1: How do you define autistic (or neurodivergent) pride? What does it mean to you personally? #AutChat Q2: Have you seen other people in autistic/neurodivergent communities discussing autistic/neurodivergent pride? Are there differences or similarities to how you think about it? #AutChat Q3: Has your relationship […]

Autistic and neurodivergent communities and the future

View a past chat on this topic here: Feb 9, 2020. Today is #AutChat’s five-year anniversary! We began back in Feb 2015. As of today #AutChat has had 323 chats on 151 topics! #AutChat began because autistic folks on Twitter were having many good discussions about autism, and wanted to keep them from getting […]