Motor differences

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This #AutChat is about motor differences, such as: different nonverbal body language from neurotypical people; stimming; difficulty starting, carrying out, or stopping movements; echoing others’ actions; moving slower or faster; differences in balance or coordination.

Q1: What motor differences do you experience? Do you associate them with certain diagnoses or other named traits? #AutChat

Q2: How do your motor differences affect your life? #AutChat

Q3: Are you involved in any communities relevant to motor differences? Do you know of any? If not, do you wish you were involved or knew of some? #AutChat

Q4: How would you describe the overlap between autism and motor differences? #AutChat

Q5: What is the biggest or most important thing you want people to know about motor differences? #AutChat

If you’d like to read more about movement differences in autism, here is a paper. It’s aimed at professionals rather than autistic people but it’s pretty good. #AutChat


Questions for this chat were written by @flowerqueers.

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