Other disabilities and neurodivergences

View transcripts of our previous chats on this topic here: Jun 2, 2015, Jul 12, 2016, Nov 6, 2016 and Jun 28, 2020.

Today’s #AutChat is about other disabilities or neurodivergences you may have along with being autistic/similar.

These can include both mental and physical disabilities or health conditions. #AutChat


Q1: Do you have other disabilities or health conditions? (Share or not depending on if you’re comfortable). #AutChat

Q2 (1/2): Do you think about your other disabilities similarly or differently from being autistic/similar? #AutChat

Q2 (2/2): For example, many (not all) autistic people think about autism as a core part of who they are and don’t want a cure #AutChat

Q3: Do your experiences of other disabilities/conditions affect your experience of being autistic/neurodivergent? #AutChat

Q4: Does being autistic/neurodivergent affect your experiences of other disabilities/conditions? #AutChat

Q5: Are there accommodations that would (or do) help you with both being neurodivergent and your other disabilities/conditions? #AutChat

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