Parenting as an autistic or similarly neurodivergent parent

View transcripts of previous chats on this topic here: Mar 15, 2016, Aug 2, 2016, and Jun 25, 2017.


Q1: Did your diagnosis (self or professional) come before or after you became a parent? #autchat

Q2: If you have sensory issues, how are they affected by being a parent? #autchat

Q3: How do you cope with the challenge of balancing your needs with your child/children’s needs? #autchat

Q4: Do you feel that being autistic/similar has helped you as a parent? How and/or how not? #autchat

Q5: What supports have helped you with parenting? Are there supports you wish you had? #autchat

Questions for this #autchat were written by @willaful.


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