Sleep dysregulation and dreams

View past chats on this topic here: November 24, 2019 and June 26, 2022. You may also be interested in our more general sleep chat.

We have had a chat about sleep in general before. Today we are going to talk more specifically about sleep dysregulation and unusual sleep experiences. #AutChat

Q1: Do you experience atypical sleep patterns (time, schedule, quality, other)? #AutChat

Q2: Do you have intense dreams, sleepwalking, restless legs, other involuntary behaviors, or other unusual experiences? #AutChat

Q3: If you experience atypical sleep patterns, dreams, or involuntary nighttime behaviors, do you think they are related to your neurodivergence(s)? Do you know other neurodivergent (or neurotypical) people who have similar experiences? #AutChat

Q4: If atypical sleep patterns, dreams, or involuntary nighttime behaviors cause problems for you, how do you try to manage those problems? If other people have suggested approaches, have those been helpful? Unhelpful? #AutChat

Q5: Do you remember your dreams? Do your dreams change depending on situations in your waking life? #AutChat


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