Uneven skills and abilities

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Q1: Do you have any skills or abilities that are significantly better (or worse) than your other skills or abilities? Those include all kinds of skills/abilities – for example, using specialized software, planning complicated tasks, chopping vegetables safely. #AutChat

Q2: Have you had others assume you’ll be equally good (or bad) at two skills/abilities they think go together naturally, but in fact one is quite difficult (or easy) for you? #AutChat

Q3: Have you ever personally assumed you’ll be equally good (or bad) at two skills/abilities you think should go together, and been surprised by how different they are for you? #AutChat

Q4: Are you able to use some skills/abilities you’re good at to compensate for ones you’re bad at? Are there any drawbacks to compensating in this way? #AutChat

Q5: Are there any skills or abilities that you enjoy using, but difficulty with other skills or abilities prevents you from being able to use the ones you’re good at? Would you be able to do these things if you had support? #AutChat

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