How we learned we were autistic / similarly neurodivergent

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You can answer about all/any neurodivergences you have, if you have more than one (e.g., both autism and ADHD). #AutChat

Q1: When did you learn you were autistic or otherwise neurodivergent? Did you suspect it beforehand or was it a surprise? #AutChat

Q2: How did you learn (or come to suspect)? Did it take a while or did you believe it right away? #AutChat

Q3: Did other people in your life know or suspect before you did? #AutChat

Q4: Did you receive (or suspect you had) any other diagnoses first? Do you think they were accurate or inaccurate? #AutChat

Q5: Did you find out you had additional neurodivergences later? If so, how was that experience similar or different? #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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