You can read a past chat on this topic here: October 30, 2022.

This #autchat is on addiction. If this is a difficult topic for you, remember you can mute the hashtag or step away for self-care.

Q1: Have you had issues with addiction? Do you (or have you) considered yourself an addict? #autchat

Q2: Which were you aware of first – autism/neurodivergence or addiction? Did awareness of one affect awareness of the other? #autchat

Q3: Is there anything about your experience with addiction that didn’t seem typical because of autism/neurodivergence? #autchat

Q4: If you consider yourself recovered or in recovery, how did you get there? Do you think autism/neurodivergence affected it? #autchat

Q5: If you could communicate anything about autism/neurodivergence to treatment providers/support group members, what would it be? #autchat

If you need help or are unsure about whether you are addicted, look for someone you can safely talk to about it. #autchat

If you don’t currently have someone you can safely talk to, consider looking at anonymous or online resources. #autchat

Questions for this week’s chat were written by an anonymous contributor. #autchat

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