Autistic similarities

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Many autistic people have things in common with each other. We’re also different from each other in important ways. 


Q1: What are some ways to talk about similarities among autistic people, while also making sure autistic people who don’t share those similarities are still included? #AutChat


Q2: Some autistic traits are widely shared by autistic people. For example, stimming is common even though not every autistic person stims, or stims in the same way. 

What are some common traits you’ve seen among autistic people? #AutChat


Q3: What are some common life experiences you’ve seen among autistic people? Common needs? Common interests? #AutChat


Q4: What misconceptions have you seen about similarities (or differences) among autistic people? Are there different misconceptions in popular culture vs. among autistic people you know? #AutChat


Q5: How can we address misconceptions? Do we need different approaches for addressing misconceptions about widely shared traits and experiences than for less commonly shared ones? #AutChat

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