Autistic and similarly neurodivergent youth

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Thank you to @GeorgeT_UK and @huffietina for their input during question writing!

Today’s #AutChat questions can be answered by anyone, but please try to center the experiences of autistic/similar people who are currently youth-aged as we discuss this topic. (Feel free to self-define whether you currently identify as youth, we’re not setting a number.)

Adults, please also be wary of giving unsolicited advice in this chat. Current youth are the ones who know themselves and their situations best. #AutChat

Q1: What is your experience of being an autistic/similar youth? Do/did you experience youth-targeted ageism? Has that interacted with ableism in your life? #AutChat

Q2: What is/was “transition age” (~17-22 years old) life like for you? Has your school, work, or living situation changed over this period? If you’re not transition age yet, are there things you are excited about or worried about as you anticipate this life stage? #AutChat

Q3: What are your experiences around education and learning as a young person? If you go to school or study independently, what supports and accommodations help you learn? What tips do you have for other young people who are in school right now? #AutChat

Q4: What is/was your social and emotional life like as an autistic/similar youth? Do you see your boundaries or relationships changing as you grow? #AutChat

Q5: What do you want adults to understand about being young and autistic/similarly neurodivergent in today’s world? Are there any changes you want to see in how society treats youth? #AutChat