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Some autistic/similar children are hyperlexic (early fixation on letters or reading) and/or hypernumeric (early fixation on numbers or math). You can read about these neurodivergent traits in a scientific journal here (PDF): https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/11/6/692/pdf #AutChat

While people who are hyperlexic/hypernumeric may be labeled as gifted and treated differently, these traits do not make someone better or worse than anyone else. Many autistic/similar people who are hyperlexic/hypernumeric experience both pros and cons. #AutChat

Q1: Did you show an intense interest in letters or numbers at a very young age, or become proficient at reading or math long before your peers? Share as much as you’d like. #AutChat

Q2: How does hyperlexia/hypernumeracy affect you now that you are older? #AutChat

Q3: Does hyperlexia/hypernumeracy make life easier in any ways? Does it make it harder in any ways? #AutChat

Q4: What do you wish others understood about your experience of hyperlexia/hypernumeracy? #AutChat

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