Systemizing and rules

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Some autistic and other neurodivergent people use systemizing to help understand complicated things, including social situations.

Systemizing can be described as detecting patterns and looking for underlying rules, to help understand things better. #AutChat


Q1: Do you use systemizing? For what? If not, do you use other strategies to help understand complex things? #AutChat

Q2: If you use systemizing, what benefits does it have? Where does it work best? #AutChat

Q3: If you use systemizing, what are its drawbacks? For instance, where does it work poorly or not at all? What are its costs? #AutChat

Q4: Do you use particular techniques to help systemize? (lists, notes, reviewing information before entering a situation, etc) #AutChat

Questions for this #AutChat were written by @theoriesofminds.

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