Interoception (body awareness)

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Interoception refers to the abilities people use to tell what’s going on in our bodies—our awareness of physical signals and ability to interpret them accurately.

For example, noticing and correctly identifying signals that indicate hunger, pain, temperature, nausea, needing to use the restroom, etc. #AutChat

Q1: Is it easy for you to tell what’s going on in your body? Difficult? Does it depend on the issue—are some kinds of sensations easier for you to pick up on than others? #AutChat

Q2: Do you have any co-occurring conditions that affect your interoception? #AutChat

Q3: If you have difficulty with aspects of interoception, what kinds of consequences has it led to? #AutChat

Q4: Have your interoceptive abilities changed over your lifetime? Are they different in different situations? #AutChat

Q5: Do you have any tips and tricks for improving interoception, in general or for specific kinds of issues? Are there ways other people could support you in managing interoception-related issues? #AutChat

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