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Communication is complicated. It involves many skills, like figuring out what you think and how to express it, what other expect and what they’re saying, among many other things. #AutChat

Q1 What kinds of communication do you use? For example, spoken words, written words, gestures, sign languages, or other forms of AAC.

What do you like about them? Dislike about them? #AutChat

Q2 What are the easy parts of communication for you? The hard parts? #AutChat

Q3 What else makes communication easier or harder for you? The topics, the setting, the other people’s expectations, something else?

Are there any related accommodations you’ve found helpful, or would like to try? #AutChat

Q4 Have you run into issues with competing accessibility needs? For example, some people have difficulty reading and typing, while other people have difficulty listening and speaking. #AutChat

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