Conflicting accessibility needs

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Sometimes, one person’s accessibility needs conflicts with someone else’s. For example, one person may need a quiet classroom to be able to learn, while another person may need to be able to make noise. These are conflicting accessibility needs. #AutChat

Q1: Have your accessibility needs ever conflicted with someone else’s? What were your experiences like? #AutChat

Q2: Are some conflicting accessibility needs, or some kinds of needs, harder to get met than others? #AutChat

Q3: Are there conflicting accessibility needs that you’ve been able to come up with solutions for, or that other people have come up with solutions for? #AutChat

Q4: Sometimes two people’s needs are really in conflict, and sometimes changing something else would make it possible to accommodate both people. What are some barriers that make it hard to accommodate apparently conflicting accessibility? #AutChat

Q5: How can nondisabled people support autistic and similarly neurodivergent people when our accessibility needs conflict with each other, or with other disabled peoples’ accessibility needs? #AutChat

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