Non-binary gender identities

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Nonbinary generally refers to gender identities (or lack thereof) that don’t fully and/or don’t always fit into the binary gender system of men/women. #AutChat

Some people self-describe just as trans or nonbinary/enby, and other people use specific identity labels that fall under this “umbrella”. Some examples: demigender, agender, gender neutral, genderqueer, bigender, third gender, two-spirit, gendervague, and genderfluid. #AutChat

Some autistic/similarly neurodivergent people experience their gender (or lack thereof) as related to their neurodivergence. They may use a specific neurogender label, or a broader label (trans, nonbinary, agender, etc). For more information on specific neurogender labels, see #AutChat

For more information about how nonbinary people describe their gender, see the 2018 Gender Census report at #AutChat

While answering, please keep in mind that gender identity can be very personal and people can feel strongly about the particular labels they use. #AutChat

Q1: Are you nonbinary? What does that mean to you? How do you describe your gender or lack thereof? Do you consider yourself trans? #AutChat

Q2: How do you conceptualize the relationship between your autistic/neurodivergent identity & your nonbinary identity? If they connect or interact, do you use a particular label (such as a specific neurogender) to describe that interaction? Why or why not? #AutChat

Q3: How do other people treat you as a nonbinary autistic/similarly neurodivergent person? Within autistic communities? Within trans/nonbinary communities? In general? #AutChat

Q4: How could trans/nonbinary spaces be more accessible to you? How could autistic spaces be more inclusive of you? Is there anything you want the world at large to know about how to honor both your nonbinary and autistic/similarly neurodivergent identities? #AutChat

Questions written by @endeverstar.

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