Resolutions and commitments

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Today’s #AutChat is on resolutions and similar kinds of big commitments.

Some people make these for Jan 1st; some people make them at other times; some people don’t make them at any particular time.

If you mention diet, exercise, or weight today, we ask you to put “cw: weight” at the start of those tweets to increase accessibility for autistic people who have experienced sizeism and/or eating disorders and may find those topics triggering/distressing. #AutChat

Q1: Have you ever made resolutions or commitments for an upcoming year, month, or other timeframe? Was it helpful? Unhelpful? Both?

Feel free to share as much as you’d like about any you’ve made in the past or want to make in the future. #AutChat

Q2: Have you ever made a resolution or commitment and later realized it wasn’t a good idea to try to keep it? #AutChat

Q3: What makes it harder for you to keep commitments? What makes it easier? #AutChat

Q4: What advice would you give to other people about making, evaluating, and/or keeping resolutions/commitments? #AutChat

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