Coping with quarantine

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Today’s #AutChat is about how we’re coping with social distancing, quarantining, and lockdown in the age of COVID19.

Please be aware that adjacent COVID19 topics such as medical rationing, eugenics, death/grief, medical trauma, etc may be upsetting. We recommend putting a content warning (such as “CW: eugenics”) if you do post an #AutChat tweet about these issues.

Q1: Are you social distancing, quarantining, or observing a lockdown order right now? How has that been going for you? #AutChat

Q2: Do you think your neurotype (or additional disability or marginalized identity) affects how you’ve been experiencing quarantine? #AutChat

Q3: What have you been doing to cope with any potential negative experiences related to quarantine? #AutChat

Q4: How can people you know best support you and other autistic/similar people during quarantine? #AutChat