Eating disorders

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Today’s #AutChat is about eating disorders. If you have never had an ED, feel free to speak about your body image in general.

Numbers (weight, BMI, calories, clothing size, etc) can be triggering. Please consider giving a content warning before sharing.

For more information about eating disorders, see #AutChat

Q1: Have you ever had an eating disorder, or subclinical body image issues? Feel free to share your diagnosis/symptoms. #AutChat

Q2: Do you feel like autism (or similar neurodivergence) interacts with your eating disorder or changes the experience in any way? #AutChat

Q3: What supports would help (or do help) you cope with your eating disorder or body image issues? #AutChat

Q4: Have you been in treatment for your eating disorder or body image issues? Do you consider yourself in recovery? #AutChat

Q5: What do you wish others in the autistic community knew about eating disorders and their impact on your life? #AutChat

If this topic has been triggering or upsetting for you, please try to do some good self-care today.

There are eating disorder support forums available at if you want to reach out to peers. #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by anonymous.

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