Autistic Inertia

See a previous chat on this topic here: October 9, 2022.

Autistic inertia is an autistic experience described as difficulty doing what we intend to do. Sometimes it is also known as monotropism. It can significantly affect the lives of the neurodivergent people who live with it. #AutChat

Troubles with starting, stopping, and transitioning between activities may have to do with autistic inertia. Some people consider a wider variety of autistic traits as related to inertia. #AutChat

Here is an academic article on autistic inertia that has more information and first-person stories: You can participate in this chat whether or not you experience inertia, and whether you’re autistic or a similarly neurodivergent “autistic cousin”. #AutChat

Q1: Do you relate to the idea of autistic inertia, or monotropism? Do you feel like you experience it in your life? If so, how? #AutChat

Q2: How do you feel about inertia? Is it troublesome for you, or neutral or positive? #AutChat

Q3: Has your experience of inertia changed over time? #AutChat

Q4: If you have personally dealt with autistic inertia, what has helped? What hasn’t helped? #AutChat