Writing about your experiences with neurodivergence

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Q1. (1/2) Do you do personal writing related to your experiences as a neurodivergent person? For example, blogging, memoir, essays, articles, tweet threads, etc. If you have a link to your work, please feel welcome to include it. #AutChat

Q1. (2/2) If you do not do personal writing related to neurodivergence, do you want to? Are there particular aspects that interest you? #AutChat

Q2. If you write or are interested in personal writing on neurodivergence, what do you find appealing or rewarding about it? #AutChat

Q3. What worries do you have about doing personal writing on neurodivergence? If you have done it before, what have you found difficult? #AutChat

Q4. For people who have done personal writing on neurodivergence: what recommendations do you have for people who are interested in doing it? For people who have not: what questions do you have for people who have? #AutChat

Questions written by @theoriesofminds