Auditory processing

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Auditory processing problems are common in some neurodivergences, including autism and ADHD. They often include difficulty understanding speech, especially if there’s background noise. #AutChat

Auditory processing problems are different from being d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing, though someone can have auditory processing problems and also be d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing. #AutChat

You do not need to have a diagnosed disorder to have auditory processing problems. #AutChat

Q1 In what situations is auditory processing difficult for you? What are those situations like? Is it primarily an issue with understanding speech or are other sounds or auditory input issues as well? #AutChat

Q2 What kinds of problems do auditory processing issues cause for you? At home, school, work, socializing, traveling, etc. Has any of this gotten worse (or better) over time? #AutChat

Q3 Do auditory processing issues interact with other aspects of disability for you? For example, sound sensitivity, executive function, or anything else. #AutChat

Q4 What kinds of things do you do to try to make auditory processing easier? For example, lip-reading, avoiding noisy restaurants when possible, using captions, etc. #AutChat

Q5 What have you found other people understand or misunderstand about auditory processing issues? #AutChat

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