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Plurality is the broad community term for more than one consciousness sharing a brain and body; this encompasses the medical concept of dissociative identity disorder (DID), as well as various identities which do not meet the medical criteria for DID.

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Today’s #AutChat questions are aimed at autistic and similarly neurodivergent people who are or think they might be plural, but everyone is welcome to read along.

Q1: Are you plural? Share as much as you’re comfortable with. #AutChat

Q2: Do your autistic/similarly neurodivergent traits intersect with your plurality? If so, in what ways? Does one affect the other, or do they combine to create additional unique experiences? #AutChat

Q3: Do your system members express autistic/similarly neurodivergent traits in different ways?
Do they learn different skills/habits around masking/acting neurotypical? #AutChat

Q4: Some autistic/similar systems have trouble recognizing people due to prosopagnosia, memory impairment, or both. Is this something you experience? How do you cope? #AutChat

Q5: What do you wish singlets (autistic/similar or not) knew about being plural and interacting with you? #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by @ireneista and anonymous.

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