Executive function: Planning, starting, and stopping tasks

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Executive function includes many aspects of self-regulation and task management. Here is a blog post that talks more about executive function: https://wrangletangle.tumblr.com/post/156193731532/when-we-say-executive-dysfunction-i-think-its #AutChat

Today we’ll talk about planning, starting, and stopping tasks, including autistic inertia (see https://www.divergentminds.org/a-look-at-autistic-inertia/). #AutChat

Q1: What kinds of tasks do you need plans to help you carry out? #AutChat

Q2: Have you used any systems or apps to help you plan out tasks? #AutChat

Q3: Do you have difficulty starting tasks? Stopping tasks? Do you experience autistic inertia in additional ways? #AutChat

Q4: Does anything help you start, stop, or switch tasks, or interrupt inertia? #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by @theoriesofminds and @endeverstar.

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