Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

See a transcript of a previous chat on this topic here: April 18, 2021.

Rejection sensitivity and rejection sensitivity dysphoria means hypersensitivity to criticism (or anything that could be perceived as criticism), associated with intense feelings of rejection.

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Conversations about rejection sensitivity and rejection sensitivity dysphoria may bring up distressful topics, especially when talking about traumatic incidents that triggered it.

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Q1. Do you experience rejection sensitivity (or rejection sensitivity dysphoria)? What is it like? Share as much as you want. #AutChat

Q2. Are there certain things that trigger your RS/RSD? Are there certain situations or conditions that make you more susceptible to it? #AutChat

Q3. Have you tried any strategies for self-managing RS/RSD? What did you try, and how well did it work? #AutChat

Q4. Have others tried to support you when you are experiencing RS/RSD? Did it help? Are there things that don’t help? #AutChat

Q5. Is there anything you wish others know about RS/RSD or how it affects you? #AutChat

Questions written by @autisticb4mmr