Alexithymia (emotional awareness)

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This #AutChat focuses on awareness of (or ability to describe) our own emotional states, including impairments labelled as Alexithymia. #AutChat

A 2004 study found 85% of autistic adults have some difficulty with emotional self-awareness & almost half have severe difficulty. #AutChat

(Source: #AutChat

Alexithymia can occur in other neurodivergent conditions as well as in autism. #AutChat

Q1: Do you have difficulties with recognising your own emotional states? Does this take you longer or work differently for you? #AutChat

Q2: What does it take for you to become aware of an emotion that you usually have difficulty with recognising in yourself? #AutChat

Q3: Are there any emotions that you can access or explain more easily than others? Do you have a ‘default’ emotional state? #AutChat

Q4: Do your differences in emotional processing cause problems? How do they affect your life, including work and relationships? #AutChat

Q5: Have you developed strategies for improving your emotional self-awareness or working around these impairments? #AutChat

Questions for this chat were written by @quarridors.

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