Visual Processing

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Visual processing is the name for how our brains understand the sensory input we get from our eyes. For many autistic and similarly neurodivergent people, our visual processing works differently than it does in neurotypical people. #AutChat

Differences in visual processing can affect reading, organization, life skills, face recognition, eye contact, communication, and more. This link gives a medical description: #AutChat

Q1: Do you experience any visual processing difficulties? This can mean differences in depth perception, how you perceive motion, distinguishing between shapes, visual overstimulation, or other things, too. Share as much as you like. #AutChat

Q2: What parts of your life does your visual processing affect, and how? #AutChat

Q3: Does your visual processing change based on what else is happening for you (for example when you’re listening, speaking, stressed, overwhelmed, or etc)? What patterns have you noticed? #AutChat

Q4: Have you found ways of coping with your visual processing difficulties? Are there additional aspects of your visual processing you wish you could find techniques to help cope with? #AutChat

Questions written by @endeverstar.