Volunteer work

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Today’s AutChat is on volunteer work and will be most relevant for people who’ve done volunteer work. The first couple questions are also relevant to people who want to volunteer but haven’t. #AutChat

Q1: Have you ever volunteered? In what kinds of roles/doing what kinds of tasks? If you haven’t volunteered, would you like to? #AutChat

Q2: What are the pros and cons of volunteering? Do you think being autistic or similar neurodivergent affects what’s a pro and what’s a con for you? #AutChat

Q3: Do/did you tell your volunteer coworkers that you’re autistic/similarly neurodivergent? Why or why not? How did they respond? #AutChat

Q4: Do you find volunteering to be more accessible to you overall than paid work/school? Why or why not? #AutChat

Q5: What accommodations (formal or informal) did/do you use to make volunteering most accessible for you? If you have not used any, are there ones you think would be helpful? #AutChat

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