Gender identity

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Q1: How do you describe your gender identity and/or expression? Share whatever you’re comfortable with. #AutChat

Q2: How do you conceptualize the relationship between your autistic/neurodivergent identity & your gender identity? Do they connect/interact? #AutChat

The next couple questions are geared towards trans/nonbinary/etc people, but anyone who relates can answer. #AutChat

Q3: Does autism/neurodivergence impact your access to gender transition services (medical, legal, other)? How? #AutChat

Q4: Does your gender impact your access to autism/neurodivergence-related services/spaces? How? #AutChat

Q5: How can we (autistic/ND folks of all genders) make the world a better space for autistic/ND trans/nonbinary/etc people? #AutChat

Questions for this #AutChatwere written by @endeverstar.

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