Interacting with research

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Research informs policies and practices that affect our lives as neurodivergent people. However, research agendas may not line up with community priorities, and research results aren’t always accessible.

Today’s chat is about how we interact with research. #AutChat

Thank you to @yes_thattoo for writing today’s #AutChat questions! They are an Autistic researcher whose research topics include, but aren’t limited to, autism work.

Today’s chat isn’t part of their research, it’s just a regular chat.

It’s fine to link to examples of research relevant to chat topics, including your own research.

We ask folks not to recruit during chat, but it’s ok to link to a page for the purpose of describing your research even if it also links to actively recruiting studies. #AutChat

If you’re an autistic or similarly neurodivergent researcher recruiting for relevant studies, you’re welcome to post a recruitment link outside of chat times.

If you have questions please DM us (replies sometimes get lost in our notifications). #AutChat

If you’re an autistic or similarly neurodivergent researcher who wants to participate in this chat, but using your usual twitter handle would out you and you’re not comfortable being out, you can always make a pseudonymous account and participate under that. #AutChat

Q1: Do you have an interest in research related to autism or similar neurodivergence? For example: reading about research, participating in research, using research for policy/advocacy, conducting research, etc. #AutChat

Q2: How do you think researchers should (or shouldn’t) engage with content posted publicly on social media? (For example, blogs, tweets, Instagram photos, etc.) #AutChat

Engagement could include reading and interacting with autistic and neurodivergent communities on topics of interest, sharing our content, recruiting for research, formal data collection with consent, or other things you may think of. #AutChat

Q3: How do you decide what research to read about, participate in, share with others, or otherwise interact with? (Examples of other ways of interacting with research: being on the research team, talking with researchers about research, etc.)

Q4: What neurodiversity-related research topics or questions would you like to see addressed more, or differently? How might you like to see them addressed? #AutChat

Q5: If you could tell Autistic and similarly neurodivergent researchers one thing, what would it be? If you could tell other researchers one thing, what would it be? #AutChat

Questions written by @yes_thattoo.

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